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1. Google Places  

If you don’t already have one create an account today. It is very easy and it could get you ranked right on the first page of Google. Now, how cool is that!  Even better you can add a coupon and engage your prospective customers. Get the details and sign up at

2.  Basic SEO

Every website should have basic SEO  (search engine optimization). 

SEO means making your website relevant when someone searches for your business using terms (words) related to what you sell or what your business is about. You should build the content on your site around a central theme and only optimize for one or two keywords per page. 

A website has to be like a two sided mirror. One side has to please the human visitor and the other side has to please the search engines. Some web designers are good at designing fabulous looking sites that are built on a sound SEO structure but unfortunately most are not; most design a site pleasing to the human eye only. Your online marketing efforts will bring you more results if you have your site optimized. 

​A good website will look great and we'll bring leads into your business consistently. If nobody finds your site because it has not been optimized for organic searches what's the point? 

3.  Local List Building

Most local small business owners overlook the power of building up a local following that they can communicate with on regular basis. This doesn’t mean you are now going to become a nuisance and spam everybody. Even if you just send out your season specials 4 times a year, even that, will bring you more business and more visibility. There are several ways to build a following such as having an email list or using Twitter, Facebook, etc. One coupon with the right offer to the right audience can turn a slow, anemic month into a blockbuster sales month!

Some of you might be using all of these techniques to perfection and getting great results but those who do not, I suggest to Take Action Now (TAN). Don’t wait until you know everything or until everything is perfect, just go ahead and apply ONE local online marketing strategy to further your online presence and then just do one will get results!

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".... You have increased my web traffic and have shown me, at least a glimmer, of the true power of the Internet. With you, I have gotten exceptional value for my money. Keep up the great work."                     
Glen Hutchinson,  Owner, T & S Collections Ltd, Calgary, AB
3 Tips you can implement immediately to boost your online presence
Online marketing can be a daunting task But we have to do it. 


Consumers search daily for local services and products and the visibility and “findability” of our business on the net may spell out success or failure in the long run. 

Just simply having a website is not enough, as most business owners are starting to realize that. There are dozens of ways to engage into online marketing and today I will share 3 of them in the hopes that it helps understand it better. If you take action it will help your business move forward.   TAN = Take Action Now   
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