Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need a website?

These days anybody looking for a business, being that services or products (more so for services) is going straight to the Internet. Not having a website presence, no matter how small of a business you are,  excludes you from being found and your competition will get YOUR potential customers attention.

Does it matter who designs my website?

Many web design firms will try to convince you that only their expensive webdesign will work for you. And unfortunately that's what stops a lot of home based business owners and small businesses from ever getting a website going. But really, the main thing is to:

  • have a contemporary professional look  
  • good info about what you do 
  • be found 

How much will this cost?

Not as much as you think and not as much as most webdesigners will ask. A basic 5 page interactive website starts at $1250 (depending what exactly you want to have on the pages). We will give you a more precise quote once we talk to you.

How can I decrease my webdesign costs:

  • Refer us to your friends and get $50 if they sign up.

  • Check for available promotional coupons. 

Please help us out and send any other questions you might have to: info@vhwebsites

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What others are saying...
".... You have increased my web traffic and have shown me, at least a glimmer, of the true power of the Internet. With you, I have gotten exceptional value for my money. Keep up the great work."                     
Glen Hutchinson,  Owner, T & S Collections Ltd, Calgary, AB
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