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My Mission is Simple..

To have YOUR business on the web, working for you generating leads and establishing credibility.


I strongly believe that if you are running a business no matter the size, whether it's employing 10 people, or offering a service out of your home such as contracting, accounting, cleaning, or anything in-between, you need to get online.   If you’re anything like me or 91% of the population out there, then doing a quick search on the net to find what you’re looking is an everyday occurrence. How is anybody going to know about what your business has to offer if your business is nowhere to be found online?

Websites Help Small Businesses

As a small business owner and entrepreneur I believe that small businesses are the future for our economy. I want  ALL the small businesses in Calgary, and in Alberta to be on the web, so EVERYONE can have a fair chance at being successful.  

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Viola Olah

Hi, this is Viola Olah.  

For over a decade I’ve part owned, operated and have been part of successful small businesses all while maintaining a career as a systems analyst in the corporate world of oil and gas.
Early 2009 I decided to start my own business and work full time at it. Well, as for most small business owners this turned out to be more than full time….
Since then I have spent, and still spend, a lot of time and money learning and keeping up with the fast changing pace of the Internet world. It is a lot of hard work but the rewards are worth it and seeing my clients succeed with their online marketing gives me great satisfaction.

My specialties are:
1. SEO (search engine optimization) optimizing websites and blogs to show up under many different searches on the first or at least the second page of Google.
2. I enjoy setting up business blogs and teaching owners how to post on their blogs so that the right audience will find them.
3. I also set up lead generating mini sites for local business owners.

On a personal note: I am a Hungarian born and raised in Transylvania (yes it’s a real place…). Live in Canada, and spent most of my adult life here. I love dogs and try to travel as much as possible.

What others are saying...
".... You have increased my web traffic and have shown me, at least a glimmer, of the true power of the Internet. With you, I have gotten exceptional value for my money. Keep up the great work."                     
Glen Hutchinson,  Owner, T & S Collections Ltd, Calgary, AB
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